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As part of HFA's cost cutting and green measures, we are working to reduce our waste, particularly paper, and reuse materials whenever possible. That means our washing machine is working much harder. We've begun making our own, environmentally friendly washing detergent, which helps reduce costs and harm to our surroundings. Unfortunately, our washing machine is very old, and repairs only go so far. If you have an old washing machine to donate, please consider donating it to us. We're also looking for a riding lawn mower. If you know anyone looking to make donations of this type, please let them know our needs. Remember, donations to HFA are tax deductible.

Few people are aware that HFA has a program whereby individuals may sponsor an animal. Sponsorship is an alternative to bringing a pet home, which for many people, for whatever reason, is not possible. Please call 765-866-1760 for more information.

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